Japanese Bath Salts Health Benefits 

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While it’s cold and windy outside, inside, it’s warm and cozy– and an excellent time for making the most of the oldest and most widely used types of self-care healing. Throughout history, various cultures have “taken the waters” to cleanse the body and health from multiple disorders and diseases and improve their health. From my travels around Japan, I have formed a love for Japanese bathing culture and Japanese onsens (bath houses). When I leave Japan, I long for that feeling of sitting in a nice hot tub of natural healing thermal waters, and Japanese bath salts are a great way to recreate that experience at home. 

Japanese Bathing Salts Quick Picks

Japanese Bathing Culture

The Japanese are obsessed with baths, and taking a soak is a Japanese custom still alive today. However, showering is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the young generations. It is still part of the daily routine of lots of Japanese individuals and an essential cultural aspect. Japan has a long history of bathing culture, dating back to Buddhist monks migrating to Japan from China.

Japanese people take a bath not just to keep their bodies clean but also to unwind, invest a revitalizing time, and connect with people. Lots of Japanese believe it also gets rid of fatigue. Hence a bath is taken frequently every night.

I have travelled to japan extensively in the last few years and love it. I especially love experiencing Japanese bathing culture. When in Japan, I went to numerous onsen towns and visited historic Japanese bathhouses to experience the healing properties of the local natural thermal water baths. So when I leave Japan, I want to recreate this experience with Japanese bath salts at home. 

Japan has many Onsen and Sento to visit, relax and enjoy.

Bath Salts & Healing 

Bath salts are the most enjoyable tool for supporting your body in its natural detoxification process in weekly or day-to-day therapy with salt and water. Taking in salts or scrubbing down with them feels lovely. Plus, it draws contaminants out of the body and lets essential minerals in—an excellent salt bath spa experience in your home.

7 Benefits of Bath Salts 

  • promotes blood circulation
  • lowers skin inflammation
  • relieves muscle tension
  • polishes skin
  • opens pores and extracts impurities
  • nurtures the body with calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • helps clean out negative energy

My favorite Japanese Bath Salts

Here are a few of my favourite Japanese bath salt products:

1.Hakugen Earth Japanese Bath Salts

Hakugen Earth is one of my all-time favourites for having a beautiful relaxing bath. This one is great for feeling fatigued, under the weather, or suffering from skin concerns and aches and pains after exercise. My favourite aroma is the plum blossom scent of Kanagi. This set comes with four different salts for each year’s season, perfect for connecting to mother nature while you soak your troubles away.

2. Onsen Japanese Hot-Spring Bath Minerals 

These bath salt offer an authentic Japanese Onsen experience for healing and relaxation. These bath salts are suitable for insomnia, stress relief and muscle relaxation. This product contains the essential minerals from Futamata Springs in Japan and Hiba tree extract for peace. Perfect for a salt bath spa experience.

3. Hinoki Himalayan Bath Soak

I love this Bath Salt for its woody secents which reminds me of the large wooden tubs in Japanese bathhouses, as it contains Hinoki which is the Japanese Cypress tree. It also has Himalayan salt this perfect for skin hydration and as a tension reliever for any body aches and pains.

4. BATHCLIN Nihon No Meito Bath Salt 

I love these for how simple and easy they are to use due to the bottle form they come in. This made in Japan bath salts are gentle and contain a soothing aroma of the nyuto area forest in Japan. BATHCLIN is excellent to try out if you have not tried Japanese bath salts before and is a well-known household brand in Japan.

5. Japanese Hot Spring Carbonated Bath Powders 

These carbonated bath salts are perfect all year round, as they come in hot and cold varieties. With six different aromas, there is a great choice to mix up your weekly bathing ritual, Rose harmony scent, Fresh Forest Scent, Yuzu Scent, Lavender Scent, Flower Scent, and Mint Scent. As they come in handy packets, they are perfect if you often travel for work or a staycation—great hot bath benefits.

How to use

Try including salts in a hot bath, utilizing the salts in the water by using a hot towel scrub, or scrubbing down with salts and essential oils in the shower. How much bath salts to use? Check the label on your product to ensure you get the right balance you need in your bath. Make these practices your healthy body ritual, a regular and mindful part of your self-care regimen once a week. Your body will thank you!

Top tips

 Try making your own! Start with coarsely ground sea salt. Please include it with drops of the best essential oil in your bath water. Add some of your favourite drops of essential oil to utilize as a shower scrub. Then you will reap hot bath benefits.

To Sum Up

Treat yourself to a good long soak with healing candles, mind tea, and a good book. Make taking a bath a ritual for self-care, self-love and for your health. Bring the benefits of a Japanese bath into your home. And make sure your preferred comfortable pyjamas are waiting close by!



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