Crystals for Animal Communication

crystals for animal communication
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Crystals are a gift from Mother Nature. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also have numerous healing properties. But there is also another amazing use for crystals: for animal communication. Specific stones can facilitate communication between you and the animal kingdom. In this article, we will explore 5 different stoned that you can use to communicate with animals, how to use them and where to buy.

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Crystals for Animal Communication

The animal kingdom is all around you. From the pet in your home to that bird which has built its nest on the tree outside your house, animals are an integral component of our lives.
Learn how to communicate with animals to maintain a healthy relationship with them. This type of communication can be indirect, like with humans. Understanding their feelings and general desires is sufficient. Crystals are capable of facilitating communication between people and animals. These crystals are mysterious and allow a person to feel animals’ emotions.


mookaite crystal for healing and animal communication. 
best animal communication crystals

Mookaite’s energies enrich trust and love for Mother Earth. You will become more aware of the natural world and all around you. Additionally, you will develop a closer connection with wild and domestic animals, allowing you to tap into communication channels. Lastly, Mookaite will help you to ground your mind, heart and soul. Buy it here.


Red jasper crystal for healing and animal communication 
best animal communication crystals

Red Jasper, a beautiful, delicate stone in the most dreamy shade of fire red, is one of those stones that radiate energy down to its core. Red Jasper, beautifully aligned to the root chakra, may seem like trouble. However, it has excellent grounding properties that will help you keep your foot on the ground no matter how high you fly. It is a stone that can bring harmony, energy, courageousness, and the inner power of a fighter. It is deep and lush and deeply nurturing for the soul. Due to these qualities, jasper enables you to connect deeply to animals and facilitates communication. Buy it here.


Angelite crystal for healing and animal communication 
best animal communication crystals

The Angelite crystal’s tranquillity will calm your spirit and allow you to surrender to a more vulnerable place. This openness and humility will let you ask your angels to help you and be receptive. Due to Angelite’s spiritual nature, it opened communication channels with various forms, such as animals, passed loved ones and angels. This crystal is also one of the best pet healing crystals. Buy it here.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal for healing and animal communication 
best animal communication crystals

If you want to communicate with the animal kingdom, having a piece of quartz with you is always a good idea. Quartz crystal amplifies your energy and enhances communication. Also, this stone stores, absorb, and unblocks energy. It works at all levels of our being. Finally, Clear Quartz helps you concentrate and increases memory cells, making communicating easier and opening communication channels with animals. One of the best crystals for pets. Buy it here.


amethyst crystal for healing and animal communication 
best animal communication crystals

Amethyst, a powerful and protective crystal, is the first choice for many metaphysicians. It is known as the “stone to sobriety” in ancient times and was used to overcome physical and emotional addictions. This crystal is a natural stress reliever and can help build inner strength. Additionally, Amethyst’s powerful healing energy can transform lower frequencies into higher frequencies and convert negative energy into love energy. Also, Amethyst is an excellent choice for Third Eye Chakra work. It connects the physical and higher realms. Lastly, the Amethyst stone is a perfect choice for meditations and can help with psychic and intuition development and communication with animals. Buy it here.

How to use for Communication

It is enough to have one stone for each animal companion. You will be amazed at how open and happy the animals will be to you sharing their thoughts. You can use the crystals to reach the vibration of the animal kingdom so communication can occur.

Where to Buy Your Crystals

I would recommend this store, LovingTheySelfRocks. It is one of my favourite places to pick up my crystals for healing, self-care and spiritual connection. They have a fantastic collection of crystals and gemstones, excellent quality, ethically sourced and at great prices. Buy your crystals here.

Final Thoughts

Finally, crystals are a great way to heal your mind, body and soul but are also great ways to communicate with your pets and animals around you. Try some of the crystals above to communicate with animals and find the best crystals for pets.



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