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When travelling in Japan and especially to Kyoto, I became fascinated with the beautiful zen gardens dotted over this ancient city. Ryoanji temple, listed on the World Heritage Site, is the oldest and best example of a Zen Garden in Japan. Its history dates back to the 11th century. This temple welcomes visitors to its beauty and encourages peace and meditation. When visiting the gardens, I remember a calm washing over me, and my mind became focused and present. When I left Japan, I wondered how to recreate this special moment at home. I decided to make a desk garden to recapture the healing properties of these beautiful zen gardens I saw.

This article will examine what a zen garden is, its health benefits and how you can bring the healing properties of a zen garden into your daily life today. 

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Miniature Zen Desk Garden: Quick Picks

What is a Zen Garden?

According to the belief, zen gardens can help people to reflect and meditate on their lives. This helps to create a calm environment that is thought to heal the mind, body, and soul. These gardens have become so popular that many terminally ill patients visit them to meditate and reflect on their lives. These patients can benefit from Zen gardens like the one at Ryoanji Temple. 

Top Beautiful Gardens to See in Japan: 

  • Kenroku-en (Kanazawa)
  • Kokedera (Kyoto)
  • Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)
  • Imperial Palace East Gardens (Tokyo)
  • Koraku-en (Okayama)

Healing the Soul

Zen gardens are not only good for healing the body or other physical ailments, but they also help with emotional well-being. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and recent research have supported this belief. The mind is believed to be connected to the body and can influence overall well-being. Relaxing in a Zen garden can be healing. Precise and positive thoughts are considered to help you have a positive mindset which will enter the body. This can be beneficial for both physical and mental health.

This approach is being adopted by more hospitals worldwide to heal patience and/or treat them. Zen gardens are being used by hospitals around the globe to aid in recovery and treatment. Zen gardens are usually located on hospital grounds. They have lounge chairs either in the garden or in front of it. Patients and visitors can also use the chairs to look at the tranquillity of zen gardens to find inner peace.

Top 5 Health Benefits

  1. Relives stress and anxiety
  2. Connect with the beauty of nature
  3. Increase creativity in the brain
  4. Develop concentration and meditation practice 
  5. Promotes mindful practice 

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Bring Zen Gardens into Your Daily life. 

You can bring the benefits of Japanese Zen gardens into your life. These days it is possible to create your zen garden in your office, bedroom or anywhere in your home with a beautiful zen desk garden. 

You can DIY yours and consider the three main elements below. Additionally, look at our top-recommended Japanese zen desktop gardens below.  Taking inspiration from the famous gardens of Kyoto.

3 Elements of a Zen Garden 

  1. Water – the symbol of the fluidity of life and tranquillity of the ocean 
  2. Stone – a symbol of the strength of mountains and the earth 
  3. Plants – a sign of life’s changing nature 

Japanese Zen Garden Karesansui Miniature Kit Ryuanji

japanese zen gardens mini
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This is a beautiful miniature zen garden which would look beautiful in an office or home. The garden includes beautiful elements to aid in relaxation and a calm mind. The quality is superb, and it is an authentic Japanese desk garden design. Buy it here.

Zen Garden with Walnut Veneer

japanese zen gardens mini
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buy on Etsy
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This simplistic square design comes with a beautiful Walnut veneer, connecting the garden to the outdoors and mother nature. This one is the perfect size for someone looking for a desk garden which is not too big but still packs a punch with its calming health properties. Buy it here.

Custom Miniature Octagon Zen Garden

japanese zen gardens mini
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This one is beautiful, minimalist and is a handmade custom design. I love it for its auspicious octagon shape, and this one truly can be customised to how you want your beautiful zen desk garden to look. This one is also priced very reasonably. Buy it here.

Final thoughts 

Creating your very own beautiful zen desk garden is a great way to bring the healing properties of Japanese gardens into your home and life. These miniature gardens are perfect for daily mindful practice and a great way to develop meditation and concentration. Why not try and make your own or purchase one of the beautiful zen gardens above today?



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