Astrological Dice: a powerful divination tool

astrology dice
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Recently I was gifted a beautiful set of dice. At first, I had no idea what they were or how to use them. But then, with some research, I found out these three dice were a set that could be used for astrology divination. This article will explore and discover more about astrological dice, how to use astrology dice and creating your divination reading.

What are Astrological Dice?

Astrology Dice, or ‘Astrodic, is a set of three dice with twelve sides. It’s used to find answers from the universe and zodiac constellation divination. You can buy customized dice made with healing crystals or gemstones. My set includes a calming rose to open the heart and clear quartz to provide wisdom and clarity. With the dice and some basic knowledge, you can make accurate predictions about your future and life.

How to use Astrology Dice

Simply put, you need to roll the dice and interpret the symbols that appear. Reading astrodice becomes easy when you see it within these simple terms. as with divination tools, it’s about honing into your intuitive nature to find answers. Ask the same questions as you ask the Tarot for help when you are throwing your astrology dice. Don’t ask yes or no questions. Instead, it would help if you focused on the topic of interest.

The Three Dice

The Planet die

is a representation of the current situation. This could be your job or finances, for example.

The Zodiac die

symbolizes how the case feels or the emotions involved. Is money making you feel guilty or happy? Is it a source of happiness?

The House Die

Which part of your life are you affecting? Your relationships and mental health can be affected by money.

One method to interpret Astrological Dice

Focus on the topic of your interest when you are throwing the dice. Then, follow your intuition and roll the dice if it tells. It is helpful to use the House to determine what is being affected. There are better ways to read a spread than this. You can play around with the meanings until you find the right one. Remember, divination is all about your intuition.

It can be challenging to understand the symbols on the dice. Below you will find out handy guide breakdown:

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Beautiful custom Astrological dice from CrystalMaggie

12 Meanings Of The Planets Astro Dice

  1. Sun: self, ego and conscience, loyal, fun-loving, giving power, magnificent, confidence, positive, energy.
  2. Moon: emotional, habitual, independent, clingy and critical, holding grudges. The unconscious, courageous and intuitive.
  3. Mercury: The mind, communication and indecisiveness.
  4. Venus: adoration, harmony, selfishness, aesthetics and pleasure.
  5. Saturn: mature, disciplined, pessimistic, ambitious and detail-oriented.
  6. Jupiter: Growth, hope, expansion and luck.
  7. Pluto: Transformation, power and rebirth.
  8. Neptune: Spiritual and creative dreams.
  9. Uranus: Inspiration, change, eccentricity and chaos.
  10. South: The past, karmic baggage. It reveals talents and skills from previous lives.
  11. North: Lessons to be learned, fear, the unknown, your truth and qualities to grow into. Fear is your destiny, and there are no lessons to be discovered.

12 Meanings of The Zodiac Astro Dice

  1. Aries: Impulsive, competitive, letting it go, leader and headstrong.
  2. Taurus – Practical, holding grudges.
  3. Gemini: duality, communication, moodiness, curiosity, flexibility, extrovert and youthful.
  4. Cancer: Nurturing, hyper-emotional careful, wise and loving disposition.
  5. Leo: Protective, ego, charismatic and selfish
  6. Virgo: humble, self-effacing, diligent, kind, compassionate, quick thinker and stressed.
  7. Libra: diplomatic, relationship-orientated, extroverted, cosy, friendly and balanced.
  8. Scorpio: stoic, determined, honest, jealous, secretive, resentful, enticing, discreet and mysterious. 
  9. Sagittarius: Honest, outspoken, boastful and opinionated.
  10. Capricorn: Hardworking, enterprising and enthusiastic.
  11. Aquarius: Progressive, independent, innovative, exceptional, optimistic and intelligent.
  12. Pisces: Sensitive, generous, emotionally aware, self-sacrifice, keen understanding and insecure.

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12 Meanings Of The Houses Astro Dice

First House: self, rising sign and imagine, perception by others, personal lives, identity, views on the world. New beginnings, physical appearance, general temperament. New endeavours, strengths, weaknesses, behaviour

Second House: personal finances, material belongings, the concept of value, earnings, fortunes, positive attributes socializing, the material possesses, income, work ethic and self-esteem

3rd House: Local travelling, processing information and communication, intelligence, communication, overall learning, and creativity. Early education, peers, activities

4th House: Family, roots, tradition and caregiving figures. Safe, peaceful, maternal figure. Comforts, foundation, children. Women, femininity

5th House: pleasure, love and amusement, pure creativity outbursts. High education, self-expression. Offspring, relationships. Attention, dating. Joy, drama, romance

6th House: Health, Fitness, Purification, Diet, Spiritual Practice, Natural Remedies, Odd Jobs, Daily Routines, Maintaining Exercise, Eating Healthy, Service to Others, Good Nutrition, Satisfaction, Work Habits

7th House: Marriage, committed relationships: pleasure, desire from others, romantic partners. Essential relationships. Divorce, shadow self. New contracts. Thieves

8th House: death, transformation, birth, sex, mysterious merged energies, bonding at deep levels, real estate, inheritance, investments, money, taboo, undeniable chemistry, resurrection, intimacy, magic, secrets, regeneration, 

9th House – Long distance, expansion and open mind, legal. Academic, philosophy, and religion. The higher mind, morals, ethics, thoughts, and research. Invention, discovery, adventure. Dreams, divination. Media, arts

10th House – aspirations, career and achievements, public attention, reputation, job streams, jobs, material realms, success, obligations. Planning, personal responsibility. Authority, men, and father figures. Fame

11th House: friends, groups, idealism, hope, groups, dynamics, colleagues, societal impressions, networking, professional associations, personal friends, community, social interaction, recognition 

12th House: Dreams, secrets, unrevealed realms, high intuition and psychic, intuitive, subconscious mind, invisible energy, addiction, karma past lives, fear solidarity, House of endings.

Final thoughts 

Finally, astrology dice are a fun and accurate way to have a divination reading about your life and future. Combine divination dice with healing gemstone san crystals for added natural healing effects. I recommend this Etsy store for some beautifully designed astrological dice.



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