Tai Chi Martial Arts: Mind Relief Moving Meditation 

tai chi mind relief
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In our modern lives, we are all looking for mind relief, a way to destress from work, study or family life. We are searching for this tension reliever for our mind, body and soul. Tai Chi martial arts is a moving meditation that offers the holistic stress relief you want. In this article, find out how tai chi qi gong can benefit you today. 

What are Tai Chi Martial Arts?

Tai Chi developed in China over 2 thousand years ago. It was based on the concept that the balance of Yin and Yang (an internal energy source) can cause the highest levels of success and accomplishment. Since it was first conceived, Tai Chi martial arts has affected every aspect of Chinese social and cultural life, from medication, science and economics to viewpoint, music, calligraphy, cooking, literature and– most significantly– human relationships.

Tai chi martial arts essential is a set of sequential movements and postures that act as a moving meditation. Tai Chi, in its long history, has developed numerous types. 

Tai Chi Martial Arts are an ancient moving meditation with numerous health benefits for your mind and body. Find out how it can help you.

Types of Tai Chi Martial Arts

Chuan Style Tai chi 

The most noticeable element of Tai Chi martial arts is the free-flowing motion of the Tai Chi Chuan Form. Believed to be one of the oldest martial arts, it teaches trainees to seek stillness in action. Its deceptive gentleness disguises exceptional power.

Over the centuries, Tai Chi Chuan progressed into an extensive range of different designs and sequences. Developed to cultivate peace of breath and physical and mental coordination. Additionally, Tai Chi Chuan will gradually supply students with strength, flexibility, stamina, self-confidence and a basic feeling of well-being and peace. Although slow and meditative, when utilized, it is a devastatingly effective kind of self-defence. In addition, it motivates the growth of Chi, the internal energy that assists in warding off disease, promotes health and prolongs life.

Yang Style Tai Chi 

Yang style Tai Chi is what you will see being practised in public spaces such as parks. This style has become the most popular of the tai chi styles. 

One of the reasons for the Yang Style Tai Chi popularity is the large sweeping, elegant and slow motions. Also, yang style allows people of any age and physical fitness level to start quickly and continue to practice it safely to enhance their health. Yang Style Tai Chi enables focus on the balance and energy aspects of moving meditation rather than elegant jumps and fast motions.

A simplified variation of yang style tai chi was established in the 1950s by the Chinese Sports Commission for competition. Basic movements from the standard Yang Style type were condensed into 24 moves which take 6 minutes to complete. With 24 movements to remember, the simplified Yang Style Tai Chi became very popular as it was simpler to do. With our hectic contemporary lifestyles, many people gravitated to this shortened style. 

Sun Style Tai Chi 

Sun style Tai Chi is the newest style to be brought from China to the west. The Sun style is characterized by fast, active motion, excellent coordination between the opening and closing of the hands, rigorous efficiency technique, and stylish moves. It also became hugely popular since it has less complex movements (no leaping), numerous health benefits and how this style has beautiful movements.  

Additionally, when practising Sun style, Tai Chi, there are four types trainees can practice. The first is Sun Style Short Form, Sun Style Competition Form, Sun Style Long form and San Cai Jian (sun style sword form). The short form only consists of 38 postures. 

Tai Chi Martial Arts are an ancient moving meditation with numerous health benefits for your mind and body. Find out how it can help you.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is at the heart of numerous martial arts. It involves gentle workouts concentrating on three primary aspects– breathing, posture and the mind. Additionally, there are lots of Qi Gong exercises, varying from simple to challenging. ‘Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade’, this ancient set of motions combines stretches and visualizations. It is the ideal introduction to the practice, and although simple to learn, its benefits are immeasurable.

Tai Chi Qigong Benefits 

Just Like Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong promotes good physical and psychological health through the cultivation of Chi. It assists in creating mind relief through moving meditation techniques. It also helps conserve energy, helps food digestion and builds up disease resistance. In addition, it acts as a tension reliever to reduce muscle tension and promotes good blood circulation. 

Top 7 Holistic Health Benefits of Tai Chi Qi Gong 

  • Reduce muscle tension in the body 
  • Mind relief for stress, anxiety or depression
  • Flexibility
  • Develop and maintain muscle strength
  • Improved Balanced
  • Diabetes, lower blood glucose levels
  • Pain relief

Tai Chi Martial Arts: Final Thoughts

Finally, if you are looking for an activity for mind relief with numerous holistic health benefits, then Tai Chi Martial Arts is a great place to start. Not only is this ancient Chinese practice a great form of moving meditation, but Tai Chi Qi Gong will help to reduce muscle tension in the body and act as holistic stress relief from our hectic lives.



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