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spiritual coffee
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Coffee is an essential ritual for many of us as we awaken to a new day. The art of making or drinking coffee has become our modern-day mantra, spiritual coffee experience. It is where we find the divine in the mundane. Coffee is a fantastic way to tune into our intuition and decipher messages about our past, present and future. Let’s use coffee for life meaning.

In this article, we will discover the spiritual origins of coffee, how to use coffee as a form of divination and my favourite type of coffee.

Spiritual Coffee: A History 

Coffee is a miracle elixir, with all the positive news about its health benefits over the last few years. It was Halloween, and we were left wondering if the coffee was more than magically delicious.

Furthermore, Coffee was first mentioned throughout history. Its evident energizing qualities were immediately recognized. The Archangel Gabriel promoted coffee as a remedy for narcolepsy and plague, coffee being sent from heaven-sent as a divine cure.

Coffee Grounds For Divination

Before starting any divination work, you must choose the right kind of coffee. The grounds were traditionally ground first, then placed in a cup. Simple ground beans from a regular coffee maker will not produce suitable grounds for divination work. Additionally, Get a French press or an ibik if you plan on reading coffee grounds daily.

Lastly, for casual coffee ground readings, you could also use the remnants of your cappuccino. These can be you in the same way as the reading described below.

The Reading

The fortune-telling and coffee-reading experience includes trying to read the vibes of your subject.

The reader will hold the cup (fortune teller). One hand will be used for the cup and the other for the subject. The fortune teller will search for images on the grounds of coffee just as you would see pictures and clouds in the sky.

Some readers may see a tree that looks like the subject’s “tree of Life.”

Root structures can be used to indicate family relationships. If the tree is too slanted towards one side, it could mean that the subject has placed too much importance on one aspect of their lives.

During divination, other symbols can also be used. Find out below some examples of symbols that a reader might be able to see.

Divination symbols

Firstly, trust and use your intuition, there is no set meaning for everyone, and we should always draw on our own life experiences and associations. Lastly, below is a handy A to Z of divination symbols you can find inspiration for your readings.

A to Z Coffee Divination Symbols


AIRCRAFT can be described as something new or unpredicted.

ANCHOR is a sign of good luck, a journey, or rest.

ANGEL could be a sign of good news, protection or blessings in love.

Apples are a common symbol of success, schooling and health

ARROWS could signify news, so pay attention to where the arrow points.

ALIENS can spark imagination and inspire new ideas


BABY could be a new beginning or a new challenge.

BALLOONS and BUBBLES can be used to celebrate busy times, or as a warning sign that someone may burst your bubble.

BEETLE and INSECT could decide a domestic conflict or battle

BELL is for loud demands, or someone could knock at your door.

BIRDS are a protection or journey from your spirit guide.

BOOTS and SHOES signify strength, hard work, travel. Pay attention to the direction that the shoe points.


CANDLE can be described as beautiful enlightenment and peace, but it can also refer to heat from an upcoming love affair!

After a long journey, CAR or CARRIAGE is a sign of wealth

CASTLE can be translated as “protection, strength” or “kingdom of your castle.”

CIRCLES can be gifts or protection, and they also signify the completion of a task.

The 4 leaf variety CLOVER is certain to bring good luck, while the 3 leaf Clovers are a warning sign in difficult situations

COFFIN stands for new beginnings and the ending of troublesome periods


DOGS signify faithful love and companionship.


EGGS signify new beginnings, fertility, or maybe you’re just sitting on some good news!

ELEPHANTS are a sign of strength. Perhaps you are carrying the entire weight of the world on your shoulders.


FEATHERS are a way to see someone’s soul and spiritual growth.

FEET indicate that decisions must be made. Also see BOOTS

FLOWERS and BOUQUETS are symbols of love, happiness, and healing

FOXS can be cunning and sly. Be careful with FOXS.


GUN and CANNON can signify extreme emotion or an explosive argument


HAMMER is a symbol of hard work and determination. Maybe a relationship is in need of fixing

The HEART shapes are a sign of love and emotion. Perhaps a new relationship is in the works

HOURGLASS and CLOCKS are ticking, so pay attention!


ICEBERG stands for cautionary. Emotions are larger than they seem, it’s just the tip.


KEYS signify coming of age, or new possibilities

KNIFE and DAGGER can be used to demarcate a relationship or to end a feud.


LADDER is a symbol of growth and reward for determination

LETTER is a sign of communication

Many signs can be identified by LINES. Pay attention to how they look, straight or wavy.


MOON is a symbol of success and reflection about oneself

MOUNTAIN can be used to refer to overcoming difficulties or interfering with another person’s problems.


OWL is an OWL symbolizing wisdom. It warns of deceit and encourages you to use your own judgment in tricky situations


PIG is a sign of jealousy or gluttony, and may indicate that someone might get hurt.


A MOUSE, RODENT, or RAT is a symbol of escape from a situation that may involve losses or irritations.

REPTILES could be a synonym for feuds or someone who is hostile towards you

The ring symbolizes commitment and marriage. CIRCLE also available


SCALES could be a sign of trouble with the law, or it could indicate a need for a better balance between home and work.

SCISSORS could refer to cutting off ties with someone, or something similar KNIFE

A SERPENT or SNAKE is a warning sign. Be wary of snakes in the grass!

SPIDERS are able to weave webs with their determination and meticulous planning.

STAR, ASTERIX, or SNOWFLAKE shines love, beauty, and optimism


Trees signify strength, growth, love, and power. Stable relationships could be based on deep roots


UMBRELLA could be a sign that you are protecting yourself from someone or something, and possibly someone is jealous.

UNICORNS are mythical animals that represent mythical lies.

These symbols are only a small selection. There may be many more, depending on what you interpret.

My favourite coffee for divination

Turkish coffee is well-known for its thick and rich taste and showy foam. It’s also known for being warm and friendly and allowing for open conversations. Turkish coffee is a traditional coffee made by slowly heating finely ground coffee in cold water until it reaches boiling. A unique, mostly copper-made Turkish coffeepot called “cezve” has been used to make this happen for many years. Boiling coffee is the oldest method of brewing coffee. Turkish coffee is thicker in texture and richer in flavour. Turkish coffee offers a unique taste experience with its consistent flavour and consistency. It also has health benefits and spiritual divination connections that may encourage you to include a cup or two daily.

Here is a beautiful traditional Turkish coffee-making set that I highly recommend.

Copper Turkish Coffee Set from AnatolianTreasurShop
Copper Turkish Coffee Set from AnatolianTreasurShop

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can see that we can use the power of the everyday and mundane as a fantastic divination tool to help you and others guide their lives in the right direction to live your best life. So start today, brew a cup of spiritual coffee and use your coffee for life meaning.

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