5 Mind Teas for Mindfulness and Calm 

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Drinking tea with intent is an excellent way for you to bring mindfulness practice into your everyday life. Try several of these mind teas and nurture the mind, body and soul today.

Ultimate Herbal Mind Teas for Mindfulness

Firstly it doesn’t matter what mind tea, meditation tea, or yoga tea you pick to assist your practice. It is the art of how you consume it that assists in your mindful, serene journey that is crucial. Nevertheless, having an aromatic and delicious warm tea while you start mindful practice is an excellent method to awaken the senses. It carries you to the present as you connect mindfully with intention. So drink tea to help your mindful practice.

Throughout history, tea has been crucial for rituals and ceremonies. Bringing individuals together as well as being hailed for its health benefits. From Japan to India, to China and the UK. Tea has a place with a shared culture that evokes many feelings as well as memories. Current studies into anxiety as well as depression have actually revealed that tea is advantageous in decreasing signs and symptoms and promoting excellent mental wellness.

Anybody that knows me well knows that I enjoy tea. Tea, for me, is something cosy that helps bring warmth to my day. The art of making tea is where I have my initial mindfulness practice for the day.

So today, I will go through my vast collection of tea. And also offer you the best five you can try for your mindful practice.

Green tea has many health properties, making it an ideal mind tea.

My Favorite Tea Brands for Mindful Moments

5 Best Mind Tea

  1. Rooibos Tea

I suggest Rooibos as my front runner as it is a beautiful, fragile, and also great-smelling caffeine-free tea. When made, this tea has a warming red colour as well as a somewhat sweet taste. As it is caffeine-free, this tea will not aggravate your body or trigger stress or anxiety. Some high caffeine beverage products do create problems for some people. Furthermore, Rooibos has high antioxidants, which some studies reported have actually aided with heart health and wellness and also decreased cancer danger.

My choice

When choosing a Roobois, I would certainly ensure it comes directly from the resource in South Africa. I like loose tea to brew in a teapot. Nevertheless, we are all hectic individuals with busy schedules. It might not be functional to be making teapots of tea every day. So here, I won’t discriminate between loose or teabag tea– whatever works for you. I would highly recommend Roobois from Numi Organic Tea as it is my preferred rooibos tea. Numi’s mix is wonderful as well as soothing.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea has a long history. It is famous for its health benefits and excellent taste. Green tea is versatile and is used in popular matcha treats. This rich historical tea has been revealed to aid fat burning, improve memory and cognitive abilities and lower the risk of heart problems. For mindful practice, this tea has a subtly bitter taste to awaken your senses.

My choice

I recommend Japanese green tea, as the taste is lighter and also a lot more delicate than Chinese as well as western selections. Japanese green tea likewise has a beautiful intense green colour when brewed. For every day at home or work, I would recommend Tazo Tea Zen Green Tea with lemongrass and spearmint. It is sold in small capsules. Perfect for when you are on the go.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a superb tea. It aids stomach digestion. I drink this tea when my stomach feels aggravated and unsettled. Also, research has shown that this tea has exceptional high soothing qualities. Also, the small blossom flowers steeped in hot water will make your home smell floral.

My choice

I enjoy the Teapigs Tea Company Chamomile tea as It is super convenient as well as portable. Tea pigs don’t crush the blossom. However, they maintain the flower in its entirety, which offers a genuine light taste. The scent has a lovely smell that makes you feel existing in the present, which is optimal for cultivating a mindfulness practice. also perfect to use as a meditation tea.

  1. Ginger tea

Ginger tea in China has been consumed for centuries, and it is used to fight acute rhinitis. In China, It is made with sharp brown sugar and Chinese red dates. Ginger tea is perfect for the wintertime. The ginger root heats the body and provides a distinct warmth, unlike any other tea. Ideal to use as a yoga tea.

My choice

For ginger tea, I like to drink tea with lemon, which is an excellent balance to the warmth of the ginger. I love the Taylors of Harrogate Ginger Tea with Lemon. Perfect for cold wintertime early morning or a late night out in the yard, getting in touch with nature while i drink tea. This is the perfect mind tea.

  1. Peppermint Tea

Among my all-time favourites, Peppermint tea is an excellent choice for energy as well as for awakening your mind and body. Especially for mindful early morning practice. Furthermore, this tea is well known for its results on digestive health and wellness. Additionally, it aids in opening the sinus, which is perfect for meditation and mindful breathing workouts.

My choice

I appreciate this Peppermint and Licorice tea from Pukka Organic Tea. This brand name has a superior equilibrium, and the peppermint is not also overwhelming when steeped. I always want to drink this tea in the morning– optimal for my mindful practice. I carefully smell the tea to awaken my senses and prepare my mind for the day.

Drink a Mug of Herbal Mind Tea Today

Drinking tea daily is one of the most incredible ways to bring mindfulness to your everyday life. Tea is easy to make and can be consumed anywhere. Tea awakens our senses, stimulates emotions, and aids in making us feel in the present. Not to mention the whole host of health benefits detailed above. So choose your mind tea, meditation tea or yoga tea. Drink tea with intent and clear your mind, body and soul today.



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