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Catch a Sleep aims to spread the message of mindful living and meditation as a tool for success and contentment.

Michael, Creator and Host of Catch a Sleep


I am Michael, the creator and host of Catch a Sleep, a wellness and mindful living blog and Youtube channel producing content to nourish your mind, body and soul. We also specialize in guided meditation, chakra healing, manifestation, astrology and mantra guidance.

I have been on my mindful journey since 2015, and since then, I have transformed my life physically and mentally. At the time I left my well-paid job in private healthcare management in London to travel the world and have visited over 40 countries since then. I have had the opportunity to explore many different cultures and meet many interesting and unique people on my travels.

Gobi Desert, 2020

I also started to eat healthily, run, do yoga and practice daily meditation. I even participated in my first half marathon, something seven years ago I would never even imagine possible.

Feel free to share your journey and path below if you like, I would love to hear about it.

I hope this website and Youtube channel will be a great starting point on your path!


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