Root Chakra Tea – Awaken and Unblock

root chakra tea
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In our busy, hectic lives, it’s often easy to neglect our minds, bodies and souls. This can result in our chakras becoming blocked and various mental and physical health issues arising. A simple and effective way to balance your chakras for the busy person is with the ancient tradition of tea drinking. Additionally, tea is a holistic and relaxing way to take a mindful moment to heal. We will discover what the root chakra is, what herbs are great to balance your chakra and our recommended top 3 root chakra tea.

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Quick picks:

  1. Organic Way Dandelion Root Whole – Herbal Tea
  2. Sage Tea Herbal All Natural Loose Whole Leaves
  3. Turmeric Dawn | Wellness Tea Blend, Loose Leaf

The Root Chakra

Muladhara, or the root chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the base of the spine. The colour red represents it. It is responsible for our sense of feeling grounded. The root chakra activates our survival instinct and connects us to mother earth.

Blocked root chakras can cause symptoms such as attachment issues, fear, disillusionment and lack of self-identity. It is possible to lose your focus on purpose and feel stuck. Other symptoms include anger, resentment and panic.

3 signs your root chakra is blocked:

  • Sore legs and feet
  • A feeling of insecurity
  • Feeling stuck in aspects of your life

When Your Balanced

On the other hand, a balanced root chakra will allow you to live in the moment and connect you with the earth. Stability will increase your vitality, physical strength, integrity, and self-esteem. You’ll feel calm, confident, more courageous, and more motivated to face life’s challenges.

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7 herbs to awaken and unblock your root chakra 

These herbs are the best to help support and soothe healthy root chakras:

  • 1. Dandelion root – helps improve digestion. 
  • 2. Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) – calms the mind. 
  • 3. Sage – high in anti-oxidants 
  • 4. Ginger – anti-inflammtory 
  • 5. Burdock root – stress, anxiety and depression relief 
  • 6. Turmeric – supports heart health. 
  • 7. Rosemary – enhances brain health. 

1. Organic Way Dandelion Root Whole – Herbal Tea

This delicate charka tea is excellent for bringing balance and calm to your root chakra. As a chakra tea, this one packs a punch. This tea is made with whole dandelion root to give you support, grounding, and peace of mind.

2. Sage Tea Herbal All Natural Loose Whole Leaves

Sage tea is excellent for relaxing and rewinding, and this beautiful natural sage tea from Marmara is perfect for giving you the time to find peace of mind and help aid those stiff and sore legs and feet caused by a blocked root chakra. The ideal tea is full of root chakra tea benefits.

3. Turmeric Dawn | Wellness Tea Blend, Loose Leaf

I love this cute little tea! Open Door Tea has created a beautiful turmeric blend for your root chakra wellness. This chakra tea is excellent for awakening your chakra and brings a warmth of security and self-confidence. This tea is also incredibly cost-effective!

Final Thoughts

Root Chakra teas are ideal for busy people who need to awaken and unblock their root chakra when on the go. These teas bring calm and security and are full of root chakra tea benefits for your health.

Help balance your root chakra further with affirmations, which we made a handy guide for here.

If you have a favourite Root Chakra Tea, let us know in the comments!



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