15 Throat Chakra Affirmations for a Confident You

throat chakra affirmations
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Our chakras are essential points in our body that ensure we are healthy in our mind, body and soul. If we are feeling unwell or out of balance, it may be that one of our seven chakras is blocked and unable to circulate prana energy around our bodies. Positive affirmations can help unblock our chakras and restore balance and vitality. Here will find out what the throat Chakra is, why we must keep it open and how we can use positive affirmations to help restore balance. Finally, I will share my top 15 throat chakra affirmations to inspire and heal you today!

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What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is a powerful energy centre that controls and regulates prana (inner energy) as it circulates throughout the body. When it is open, we are balanced and healthy. The throat chakra is our 5th Chakra of 7.
Prana flows freely when the Throat Chakra has a healthy balance. You feel energized, bright, and happy. If this Chakra is out of balance or stressed, it can cause you to feel tired and stressed
The throat chakras are the centre of creativity, willpower, self-expression, and communication. They control how what we experience inside is brought into the outside world. How vibrant and open this Chakra is affected how we communicate with the self and our emotions.

7 Throat Chakra Facts

Colour: Blue
Location: Throat
Crystal: Aquamarine
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Name: Vishuddha, Sanskrit: Vishuddh, ‘especially pure.’
Day: Friday

Blockage of the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra feels the most open when our hearts and minds are available, and our bodies are free to be who we are. The throat chakra’s balance is compromised when we control, restrict, or hold back any part of ourselves.
Additionally, If the throat Chakra is out-of-balance or blocked, it can lead to emotional dysregulation, addiction and judgment gossip. Harmful speech and self-censoring are all signs of control that close the throat.

The Power of Positivity

In many forms of therapy, positive affirmations can reprogram your subconscious mind and allow you to access your inner truths. They are an integral part of The Law of Attraction. Also, they are believed to be able to rewire your brain to help you bring your authentic self into your daily life and out into the universe.
It is unknown when affirmations first helped heal chakras. Powerful statements can be spoken out loud or in your head to send healing vibrations to the chakras. Affirmations regarding chakras reflect the energy and characteristics of that Chakra. These affirmations can heal, activate and unblock imbalanced chakras in your body.

Sceptical about Chakras?

Some people find the idea of charka energy points in our bodies to be witchy’ and a new age hoax. Even if you feel this way about chakras, you can still use positive affirmations to improve your life. Lastly, positive thinking can positively impact your life. So if you are unsure I would say give it a try and find out for yourself if positive affirmatiuons can help you.

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15 Throat Chakra affirmations

These are some affirmations for the throat chakra. These affirmations will help you open and heal the throat Chakra. You are free to draw inspiration from others and make your own. Instead of creating an exhusting list of ’50 throat chakra affirmations’, I have curated a small and carefully selected list of 15 to truly help and inspire you today!

  • I am confident in my beliefs.
  • I am an engaged listener.
  • I communicate with love.
  • I do kind things for others.
  • I am the voice of the wordless
  • I’m careful about what I say and how I say them
  • I am well spoken
  • I overcome obstacles through effective communication.
  • I am the author of my own story.
  • I’m always looking for new paths to express myself
  • I will listen
  • I honour my inner truths
  • I embrace and share my creativity with the universe
  • These expressions align with my true self.
  • I have the blessing of saying the right things

Final Thoughts

Finally, the throat chakra is a powerful energy point which helps us communicate, express and form our true selves. This is why it is essential we ensure our 5th chakra remains open, healthy and balanced. Using positive affirmations, you can heal your throat chakra and be the authentic version of yourself today. Try affirmations for throat chakras today and reap the benefits.

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