Footology Benefits: Top 3 Chinese Foot Reflexology Boards 

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For centuries the Chinese have developed a vast and complex traditional medicine system (TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine) based on balancing energy in our body. This is to help treat, cure and relieve health problems. Footology, or Chinese Foot reflexology, is one of them. Today we will explore the various health benefits of Chinese foot reflexology. Plus, how you can try it yourself at home with some recommended products. 

Quick Picks: Top 3 Foot Reflexology Boards

  1. Complete Body Targeting Acupressure Foot Mat with Chart 
  2. SOLUSTRE Foot Acupressure Mat
  3. CLORIS Deep Tissue Circulation Massage Slippers with Jade Stones

What is Footology?

You can explore traditional Chinese foot reflexology, also known as foot zone therapy, to improve sleep, stress and athletic performance. Also, it helps ease stress, anxiety and tension. It’s not simply a regular relaxation method foot massage. Reflexology works to stimulate various acupressure reflex points on the toes, ball heels, soles, tops of the foot, calves and lower legs. This increases the flow of Qi energy and promotes blood circulation throughout the body. You can find a foot map here.

The soles of your feet are the furthest part away from the heart. If poor blood circulation or blocked Qi energy occurs, it’s easy to experience a slow metabolism and health problems in all body parts, including vital organs and tissues. The feet are so important to your health. Your feet are home to various nerve endings and acupressure points—this is why we require care of the feet to ensure optimal physical and mental well-being.

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Asian Foot Reflexology

What are the Health Benefits of Chinese Foot Reflexology 

The advantages that come from foot reflexology are many. Just one reflexology session can unblock Qi in an area of the body that is not the feet.

From one Footology session:

  • Aid indigestion and stomach problems such as IBS, Constipation etc. 
  • Urinary issues
  • Balance blood sugar levels of those with type II diabetes.

Naturally, the feet are the ones who carry the weight of the body. We often neglect our feet to the point that they feel tired. One of the most significant advantages of a Chinese foot reflexology treatment is it considerably decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it improves sleeping patterns the night following the reflexology. 

From regularly Footology therapy:

  • Return organ function to normal levels, which reduces stress and helps with blood pressure.
  • Restore digestive and waste elimination systems.
  • Reduce chronic pain such as insomnia, chronic pain, and circulatory issues.
  • Eases stress, tension, anxiety and depression.
  • Breath – improves breathing.
  • Enhanced focus and brain power.
  • Enhanced athletic performance. If you love to run or play sports, this is a fantastic way to increase strength and performance. 

Foot Reflexology Boards 

Great news! It is possible to bring the benefits of footology, Chinese foot reflexology, into your home with reflexology foot mats or reflexology foot board. These boards work by you stepping onto them. The bumps and grooves put pressure on the acupuncture reflex points of the feet’ soles and side, activating the zones of the feet. Also, this is a great inexpensive way to reap the health benefits of this alternative medicine practice. It is also affordable and accessible. We don’t all live nearby a reflexology centre, which may be costly. 

The Best 3: Footology Foot Reflexology Boards

1. Complete Body Targeting Acupressure Foot Mat with Chart 

This wooden Foot reflexology board is ideal as it includes a chart to help you discover the secret healing properties of the different reflex points of the foot. It is also lightweight and portable, which is helpful to store away or take into the office for tired feet relief.

2. SOLUSTRE Foot Acupressure Mat

This foot reflexology pad is electronic and helps massage the foot acupuncture points to help relieve the body and open up block Qi channels.

3. CLORIS Deep Tissue Circulation Massage Slippers with Jade Stones

These are a little different from the regular Chinese reflexology foot mats, as they come as a pair of slippers! These slippers are easy to wear around the house, made from real healing Jade Stone for added healing effect.

To Sum Up 

Finally, we can see the importance of Footology, Chinese Foot Reflexology, for the health and well-being of our whole body. This traditional healing method has many health benefits and can be easily accessed using an acupressure mat. So light a candle, rub your feet with your favourite essential oil and try out the benefits of foot reflexology today!



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