5 Crystals To Help Sleep

crystals to help sleep
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Get a better night’s sleep tonight by using healing crystals to help sleep.

It seems so simple. You can put on your bedclothes and enjoy eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. It can be difficult for many people to find a better night’s sleep. It is easy to live a busy, stressful life. Therefore, it is not surprising that getting to deep sleep can be difficult. This can be a problem for light sleepers as well.

It’s not something you can skip. Our bodies need to rest for our cells’ ability to heal and re-energize. The quality and quantity of our sleep profoundly impact everything, from how we eat to how we make decisions and process information. Good sleep is essential for productivity, metabolism, and immune system health. We shouldn’t risk putting our health at risk by not getting enough sleep.

Using healing crystals can help you find a place to rest and have a good night’s sleep. Our favourite crystals can help ease anxiety and calm the mind. They allow us to relax and find that mental space to let go of all our worries and get to rest. You can clear your mind and get solid sleep by placing one of these sparkling rocks under your pillow or on top of your head.

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What types of crystals for sleep?

Crystals are unique and beautiful. The healing energy of crystals is a delight to behold. They can awaken your passion for life, align different chakras and fill you with love. If there is a lot of positive energy around us, or if our minds are clear about the problems we face, we will find it easier to get a good night’s sleep. The best crystals for calming the mind and body, providing light physical rest and building a sense of rising well-being so that you can get the sleep you need. These crystals are excellent for sleeping better.

1. Selenite

  • Master Calming gemstone
  • Dispels negative energy

Selenite emits soft vibes. This gemstone can bring mental clarity to your thoughts, helping you to feel calm and peaceful rather than in a chaotic, anxious state. This crystal is a gateway to sweet dreams. It hums at a high frequency, which instantly calms you. Lastly, the soothing properties of Selenite make it an excellent tool for removing negative energy. 

2. Lepidolite

  • Energy cleansing
  • Self-love

Lepidolite, an ore of lithium, is used to treat people who have hyperactive minds. This crystal is an easy-to-use, joyful purple stone that promotes sleep. It helps you relax, ease stress and bring you to a state of serenity. Clearing our minds lets us let go of the things that bother us. Furthermore, Lepidolite increases our awareness of joy, gratitude and other positive emotions, which can be a soothing lullaby to a happy life and the restful sleep we desire. 

3. Smoke Quartz

  • Grounded energy
  • Soothing gemstone

This smoky quartz crystal is a powerful grounding stone that can help you fall asleep in minutes. Smoky quartz is a beautiful stone to use if you are looking to achieve all of your dreams and goals. Also, It is easy to use and can help you get the perfect sleep.

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Rose Quartz for Heart Opening, Peace of Mind.

4. Rose Quartz

  • Heart healer
  • Master Calming Stone

The healing energy of the Rose Quartz offers soft pink shades and simple joy. This stone radiates gentleness, instantly calming your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, Rose Quartz is a radiant heart healer. It can open your heart to love and trust and help you care for yourself. Rose Quartz can be kept close to you so that the gentle flow of sleep may replace your night-time routines. 

5. Black Tourmaline

  • Protective stone against bad dreams
  • Dispels negative energy and restores balance

It can be hard to reach a place of good dreams if you aren’t feeling safe and secure. Sometimes dreams can seem scary. Other times, anxiety will not let go of its grip and allow us to reach good places. Black Tourmaline will put your anxious heart and your mind at ease. This mysterious crystal can dispel negative energy. 

BONUS: Moonstone 

  • Dream-work stone
  • Mind calming

The healing energy of the moon, a stone that shines brightly on the darkest nights, is here to ease your emotional tension. The Moonstone is infused with calm for an overarching mind. Also, this white stone will help you let go of all your emotional tension and accept that all things are temporary. Moonstone will help you fall asleep quickly and open the door to vivid dreams.

Where to Buy?

Where to buy your crystals is very important, and it can be confusing with so many sellers and unfamiliar names. I like to buy my crystals from small independent sellers. I love PineTales Shop, which is a sleep-oriented store on Etsy. They have a beautifully curated ‘Crystals for Sleep’ box set.

PineTales Shop Sleep Crystals Set

How to use these sleep crystals

  • You can wear it or put it in your pocket.
  • For better sleep, beneath your pillow or hang above your bed
  • Place next to the bed

Now that you have selected your sleep-happy crystals, what is the best way for you to harness their energy and get them to work? Jewellery is a great way to get a sweet sleep and tap into that energy throughout the day. The gentle vibrations of the gemstones pressing directly on the skin will keep them humming all day. The stones can also be kept close at hand throughout the day so that they can continue to work to fight off anxiety and negative vibes.

Additionally, you can also incorporate the healing power of these bright stones into your sleep by placing them on your bedside table or under your pillow. It is possible to make it a part of your bedtime routine and meditate with your crystal, setting an intention for deep and healing rest.

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Final Thoughts

Lastly, Insufficient sleep can lead to stress, significantly affecting our health and well-being. Bad dreams, insomnia, and taking too long to fall asleep can all lead to a vicious cycle where our bed becomes a source of anxiety and stress. We may be able to change that narrative by using healing crystals to help sleep.

Also, we have a free ebook on how to use Crystals with Affirmations: for Love, Confidence and Success. Download it HERE.



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