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kundalini tea yogi tea recipe
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Kundalini has been a buzzword recently. Look at social media, and you can see kundalini everywhere. Find out more about Kundalini Yoga, its benefits and why you should drink Kundalini tea, plus our yogi tea recipe!

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What is Kundalini Yoga? 

Kundalini yoga combines three types of yoga, Bhakti, Shakti, and Raja. Kundalini yoga allows practitioners to awaken Kundalini using meditation, mantras and breathing exercises.

There are many kinds of yoga. These range from gentle restorative yoga postures to powerful power yoga moves. Kundalini balances both the spiritual and physical sides of yoga. It emphasizes the rising energy, which begins at the root chakra and slowly moves through the seven chakras. This creates prana, which increases the ability of the crown energy to enter the head. This causes Kundalini to awaken. It is a sensation of bliss or euphoric relief that can lead to self-realization and enlightenment.

How to awaken your Kundalini 

It would be best to eliminate your prana (or energy) to awaken your Kundalini (or the life force). This will allow you to focus on the outside world. Learning ways to disconnect your senses from the real world would be the best way. This will enable you to tap into Kundalini’s powerful energy.

It can be challenging to adapt for short periods, especially if you are trying to meditate or practice mindfulness. A small success can make all the difference in your ability to think clearly and stay focused. It is possible to align your prana in the right way through practice.

7 Steps to Awaken Your Kundalini

To awaken your Kundalini, you can do many things every day. These are seven powerful ways to awaken your Kundalini.

  1. Breathing
  2. Promote Positivity
  3. Maintain good posture 
  4. Optimize central channel
  5. Visualization meditation 
  6. Inspiration and Pleasure
  7. Diet 

Kundalini Tea and Kundalini Yogi Tea Benefits 

Kundalini Yogi tea is a natural healing tea drank by practitioners to help deepen their practice and soul and heal their mind, body and spirit. 

Yogi Tea has become the preferred drink for Kundalini Yoga practitioners.

  • Improves digestion
  • Increases circulation,
  • Purifies The Liver
  • Strengthens your circulatory system
  • It helps the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Boosts your immune system

A different story is that soldiers were given Yogi Tea from canteens to prevent side effects during the Indian epidemic of the 1940s. 

Yogi Tea can be made better, particularly considering its beneficial effects on the lungs.

Find our Yogi Tea recipe below!

Healing Ingredients

Cloves – Heart health

Black Peppercorn – Anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon – Brain health

Ginger – Digestion benefits

Lemon – Immunity boosting

Thyme – Skin health

Kundalini Tea Recipe 

Kundalini Yogi Tea 

Recipe by Michael

Health boosting Yogi tea for your Mind, Body and Soul!


  • 1000ml Water

  • 1 tbsp Black tea leaves

  • 1 x Cinnamon

  • 1x Sprig of Fresh Thyme

  • 2 x Cloves

  • 5x Black Peppercorns

  • 1 x tsp Fresh Sliced Ginger

  • 1x Slice of Lemon

  • Optional: Honey


  • Bring 1000ml of water to a boil. Add peppercorns, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Boil for 15 minutes covered. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 15mins. Let cool, then remove from heat. Strain the tea and place it in a container with fresh thyme and a slice of lemon. Make sure to heat the mixture until you are ready for a cup. Optional: Add honey as needed.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, you can see that Kundalini tea, or Kundalini Yogi tea, contains health-boosting ingredients that can help heal and soothe your mind, body and soul. Try it today with our beautil yogi tea recipe, balance your chakras, and maybe start the process of awakening your Kundalini!



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