Crystal Affirmations: Love, Confidence and Success

affirmations with crystals
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In recent years there has been an explosion of crystal healing in the alternative therapy world. Celebrities are spotted wearing crystals for protection. Various books and online stores sell these beautiful and alluring fossilized minerals. Several Facebook groups are dedicated to crystals, their healing properties and identification. This article will examine how we can use crystal affirmations to enhance our practice of sending truths into the universe.

Why affirmations are so important?

Affirmations have been scientifically shown to increase activity in the brain’s reward centres and areas of the mind connected to your understanding of yourself. Your subconscious mind doesn’t compare things you visualize and things that happen. Additionally, affirmations’ benefits allow people to build self-confidence, improve personal performance in different aspects of their lives, reduce stress and promote a calm mindset.

You have heard, believed, and created unfavourable things about yourself and your life, geenrating negative energy. With a good affirmation practice this is an effort to fight back against that tide of negativity. It can alter your brain and change your life.

The Power of Crystals

Scientifically, no evidence has been shown to recommend that crystals can be used efficiently and reliably for healing medical conditions. Nevertheless, crystals and gemstones are used as alternative therapy. Also, it has been proven Crystals cause significant mood changes and bring about a calm mental state in people. This can assist in stimulating the mind, spirit and body to recover from within. Crystals and gemstones are used as a placebo which is 100% clinically shown to help all medical treatments.

When individuals talk about alternate therapies, using crystals and gemstones is now top of the list. Crystals (fossilized minerals) have some extraordinary healing energy. These beautiful gemstones are for a calming mindset and to dispel any stress, anxiety, and depression. Crystals also have power that can manifest love and balance in challenging circumstances. Gemstones and crystals are becoming so popular that even famous stars now utilize them in their everyday regimens and lives.

The majority of crystals form naturally within our earth. They are impacted by the energy of the moon, sea, wind and sun. When you hold a crystal, you connect to the earth’s natural energies. This is because the elements influence the development and composition of that specific crystal. Forming a connection to nature is a powerful tool.

Used in a particular method, all crystals and gemstones can improve your concentration and imagination. Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as people, maximizing their unique capabilities when utilized on the human body.

How to use Crystals in Affirmations

Start by choose or creating one or two affirmations that you can recite every day when you get up and before entering the bed. Repeat each one 8 times, and focus on words and feelings as you state it. Hold your crystal in your hand, and then if you can, bring that crystal through the day. This will help remind you about your affirmations and keep them at the forefront of your mind. Remember that sometimes the toughest affirmations to state aloud are the ones you require the most.

Choose an affirmation that profoundly connects with you and a crystal associated with your affirmation.

Love – Rose Quartz Affirmation

Pain management, Peace – Amethyst Affirmation

Happiness – Clear Quartz Affirmation

Protection – Black Tourmaline Affirmation

Crystal Affirmations – Free Ebook

Catch a Sleep has created a short free ebook on Crystal affirmations. The book introduces ‘What an affirmation is, how to use one, and how to create your own. Plus, ‘How to use crystals, crystal healing properties and how we can use affirmations and crystals together. This ebook also contains some worksheet pages to note your crystal affirmation creations. So if you want a Rose Quartz affirmation for Love or an Amethyst affirmation for peace, learn how to do it in our free ebook.

Crystal Affirmations Final Thoughts

Finally, as we can see in recent years, crystal healing has become a popular part of alternative therapy. It is also important to note that there is currently no scientific evidence to back up any healthy claims of certain crystals. However, there is no denying power of positive thinking and the connection to nature that affirmations with crystals can offer us.

Bring the power of positivity into your life today!

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