Healing Candles – The Cure for Insomnia

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Are you battling to get to sleep peacefully and need help winding down at the end of the day? Are you looking for the cure for Insomnia? Try scented healing candles. Healing candles are unwinding with beautiful aromas and flickering candlelight. Specific aromas can also assist you in dropping off to sleep more quickly. Getting the very best night’s rest possible and helping you find the cure for Insomnia.

Burning a candle or more before bed can help you drift off quicker. Especially if you’re a person who suffers from sleep disorders such as Insomnia. However, ensure you blow the candles out before you drop off to sleep!

I have found some soothing scents created to aid you in dozing off. Below I will go over these sleep-inducing aromas, plus some recommended healing candles you should try, which I love! And are perfect for helping the cure for Insomnia.

Quick Top 9 Healing Candles

  1. Lavender
  2. Bergamot
  3. Rose
  4. Mandarin Orange
  5. Vanilla
  6. Jasmine
  7. Chamomile
  8. Sandlewood
  9. Cedarwood


We’ve all listened to how wonderful lavender is at assisting us in getting in the state of mind to rest. Lavender essential oil on your pillow, lavender-scented eye masks, and calming lavender bath salts are all popular. If you’ve tried every one of these and still can not sleep, give lavender healing candles a go. There’s a reason all of us associate lavender with sleeping. 

Lavender is excellent to use if you struggle with anxiousness as it’s believed to relax and quiet your mind. It works to proactively decrease the nerves, making it easier to kick back and relax.

This help sleeps, as well. As your body relaxes, you feel like you can let go and fall into a nice, deep sleep. I love this Lavander candle from LA JOLIE MUSE, which has a delicate smell for getting you ready for the sleep you deserve.


This is possibly an unusual recommendation as bergamot is commonly used in the early mornings to aid in revitalizing. However, this works well before bed, as well!

It assists you in feeling refreshed as well as relieves tension, suggesting you’re more likely to sleep quickly and for extended periods.

Blending fragrances can be delightful and is an excellent way to try out what works best for you. Pairing bergamot with something herby and soothing like lavender or sandalwood for a warmer, earthy scent. The ideal bergamot sleep candle is from Memory Shadow. This one is for a blissful sleep!


This is most likely one of the favorite for many people. Rose has plenty of healing properties, aiding you to rest. Rose is thought to have sedative effects, so it helps you feel nice and cozy before bed.

I find this a beautiful, soothing aroma as a whole, and also, it’s associated with lots of good memories of my grandmother, which undoubtedly assists me in rest. This Rose Water candle from Chesapeake Bay Candles is beautiful, and the scent is calming and not overpowering, ideal for sleep.

Mandarin Orange 

I tend to connect fruity scents with helping me awaken and feel energized. But mandarin orange is a great stress reliever, too. It has long been utilized by those struggling with sleeping disorders. 

This is a lovely aroma to burn at home and can be blended with jasmine to help establish the tone for a night of sleep. On that particular note, smells like orange and sweet orange can assist you in a night of deep rest. This Vegan Wellness candle (Mandarin Orange Grapefruit) from Pure Plant Home is soothing and one I personally enjoy.


Another warm scent, Vanilla, is friendly and pleasant and works well as a going-to-bed companion. It aids in relaxing your mind and eases any stress. It’s widely used as an anti-depressant and a state-of-mind booster, which, paired with its sedative qualities, makes it excellent for use before bed. Nika’s Home is a beautiful small company with handmade candles in the USA. Their Vanilla Bean soy candle is ideal for restful sleep.


I am a huge fan of jasmine tea, so I believe it is worth trying! It turns out jasmine is a great sleep aid. It helps relax your body, suggesting you can drift off even more efficiently.

This is excellent for anybody with an achy body as your muscles start to relax before you sleep, making it much less likely to have a disturbed sleep from tired muscles. I am in love with this brand Diptyque. Their candles have an ever-lasting fragrance and excellent quality. Their Jasmine candle is one of my favorites for a long soak in the bath before bed.


On the note of tea, chamomile is among my favourite night-time teas. Coupling this drowsy tea with chamomile candlelight could be the best method to take pleasure in a suitable night’s rest. This fragrance encourages calm and unwinds your body while easing tension and anxiety.

This scent is charming and light, so it is fantastic for anyone with a delicate nose. This Bath and Body Works Barn Aromatherapy Relax Black Chamomile 3-Wick Candle is a staple must-have for anyone looking for a healing candle.


This is a rather pleasant earthy fragrance. The primary advantage of using sandalwood to help rest is that it helps you sleep longer. Aromart has the perfect choice for that dreamy earthy scent.


Warm fragrances like this are a few of my faves to assist me in blissful sleep, and I like having spicy, woody scents in my home during the autumn and winter seasons. Luckily, this scent is additionally excellent at helping you fall asleep!

Cedarwood is commonly used to aid your nervous system and fight anxiety and stress. So if you’re feeling blue and battling to wind down, light these candles and enjoy. This aroma is believed to encourage uninterrupted rest, which is fantastic for anybody that finds it difficult to sleep at night. I love this brand, MAGNIFICENT 101. Their candles are beautiful, and this one, SAGE + Cedarwood Aromatherapy Candle, is ideal for anyone with sleep problems.

Discover Your Calm Healing Candle

These fragrances are terrific at promoting peaceful and motivating rest, so play around and see what you love best and what’s best for you.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to extinguish your candles before you sleep. 

Attempt to incorporate scented healing candles into your going-to-bed regimen. Perhaps burn them while you have a night bath, a soothing mind tea or while you read in bed. Making healing candles part of your regime will make them much more efficient in assisting you in winding down and helping to aid the cure for Insomnia.

Using a healing candle helps create a state of mind of essential calm in the space, and inhaling this charming scent encourages your body to relax and prepare for sleep.

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