11 Foods that Helps with Anxiety and Depression

depression and anxiety
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Combat your blues with foods that help with anxiety and depression today!

Anxiety and depression are common problems that everyone has to deal with at some point in life. Many factors cause anxiety and depression: external pressure, such as work, internal pressure, what we eat and how the digestive, immune and nervous systems function. Therefore it is essential to look at foods that helps with anxiety and depression.

The good news is that there are many simple lifestyle changes we can make to manage our stress, anxiety, and depression levels.

Recently, doctors have been increasingly saying that the emotional background of a person partially depends on the style of eating. And, if you eat the “right” foods, then your mood and general condition will improve.

What Are The Foods That Help With Anxiety and Depression?

During times of stress, anxiety, or depression, the hand reaches for a bar of chocolate or a pie. Sweets briefly increase blood sugar levels and promote insulin release but do not normalize the emotional state. After a few hours, you will again feel anxiety, fear and even apathy.

Also, to bring a calm mindset and not gain extra pounds due to overeating, create a diet for anxiety and depression -“anti-depression” foods in your diet. So here are the foods that help with anxiety and depression.

  1. Avocado

The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals: potassium, vitamin E, B vitamins, folic acid and Omega-3. Avocados are high in fibre, which helps lower cholesterol levels. The fruit reduces anxiety, supports the brain, saturates it with healthy fats and vitamins, and the antioxidant glutathione resists chronic fatigue.

  1. Citrus

Lemons, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines are rich in vitamin C. It protects against viruses, stress and overwork. Additionally, oranges contain a lot of provitamin A, which strengthens the vessels of the brain, normalizes blood pressure and improves mood.

  1. Green vegetables

Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and sorrel contain potassium and folic acid, which are essential for the production of dopamine. Green vegetables help to recover from nervous strain, reduce excitability and increase stress resistance.

Cabbage is a top food that Helps with Depression and Anxiety
  1. Blueberry

The berry is high in polyphenols, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, which have a positive effect on emotional stability and brain activity, help fight forgetfulness and improve mood. Additionally, unlike other sweeter fruits, they do not cause fermentation in the stomach, but on the contrary, they normalize digestion.

  1. Carrot

Carrots are formulated with Pro -Vitamin A & Beta Carotene. These elements strengthen the vessels of the brain and normalize the blood circulation in the central nervous system and reduce stress, anxiety and depression levels. Also, great food for anxiety.

  1. Fatty fish and caviar

They are the sources of valuable Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are considered “fuel” for the functioning of the nervous system. Also, seafood contains a lot of zinc and iodine, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the endocrine (glands and organs) system.

  1. Celery

The celery stalk has a calming and mild sedative effect due to the huge amount of vitamin C (100 g contains 8 mg of the substance – 10% of the daily dose) and beta-carotene, which are converted into vitamin A in the body.

Moreover, magnesium and silicon in the composition will calm and support the nervous system after emotional upheaval.

  1. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs are a great replacement for a chocolate bar. Eggs contain phenylalanine, which is involved in the production of specific chemicals in the body. They help improve memory and performance under severe depression and stimulate the central nervous system.

Chicken eggs a top Food  that Helps with Depression and Anxiety
  1. Bananas

The most well-known fruit for anxiety and depression is the Banana, which is useful for chronic fatigue and blues. Also, Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan, the “happiness hormone” – serotonin, as well as melatonin, the “sleep hormone” is synthesized. Additionally, bananas elevate mood and improve sleep quality and are considered to prevent depression and reduce anxiety.

  1. Green tea

It has an anti-stress effect due to the high content of antioxidants and flavonoids. The compound L-theanine found in the tea has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. In addition, the very process of drinking tea soothes and gives a sense of peace – this is a kind of meditation.

  1. Almonds

Almond is rich in vitamin B2, E, zinc, and magnesium. The tandem of these substances helps transmit signals to the brain. Moreover, it combats depression, regulates the level of anxiety and stress, and promotes healthy sleep and digestion. To unload the nervous system, you need to eat 30 g of nuts per day. Also, you can make some great desserts with almond flour.

Almonds, a top food that Helps with Depression and Anxiety

Remember: It makes no sense to say that you can completely eliminate depression or anxiety by eating certain foods. It is not true. The truth is that eating the right foods can make you happier and calm. However, making your tailored diet for anxiety and depression will give you the extra boost you need.

Foods that cause Anxiety and Depression

There are a number of foods that can make you feel depressed or anxious. Additionally, they contain substances such as sugar, sweeteners, trans fats, etc.

  • Industrially processed products
  • Soy sauce 
  • Sodas 
  • Pastry made with white flour
  • Fruit juices and nectars
  • Flatbreads and doughnuts 
  • Sauces, marinades, dressings 
  • Ketchup 
  • Coffee
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Whipped cream 

One Day Diet for Anxiety and Depression

If the causes of a bad emotional state are related to work or difficult family relationships, a diet for depression is unlikely to eliminate the root of evil, but it will lift your mood. The basis of nutrition is those products that improve the functioning of the nervous system and contribute to the production of serotonin. In this one-day example, have put together a day of eating foods that helps with anxiety and depression.

Breakfast: Porridge in the water. Any tea with honey (optional).

Second breakfast: fruit or vegetable salad, but without mayonnaise. It is better to season such dishes with low-fat yoghurt or linseed oil for dessert – dried fruits, seeds, nuts and a small piece of whole grain bread.

Lunch: hot chicken or turkey soup, low-fat cutlet or a piece of boiled meat with a vegetable side dish. Everyone’s favourite mashed potatoes and cereal side dishes will not help you lose weight. Do not mix proteins and carbohydrates: potatoes are carbohydrates, and meat is protein. Lastly, for dessert, prepare an apple and a small piece of dark chocolate. You can drink tea or unsweetened compote.

Dinner: Finally, do not open the refrigerator after ten. In order not to want to eat at this time, forget about the rule “not a crumb after six”. At eight o’clock, drink kefir, eat grapes or an apple, and you can have a piece of lean chicken meat or the protein of one egg (without yolk). Furthermore, at night, nutritionists recommend drinking chamomile or lemon balm tea.

To Sum Up

Lastly, we would also recommend that you take a mindful approach to eating and choose some foods that helps with anxiety and depression from our list. This will make connections to your food and eat in the present. Clearing your mind and promoting positive energy in your life. Additional, look to mindfulness meditation to brighten your mood and live in the present when you are feeling blue.



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