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aerial yoga
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Aerial yoga is also known by many other names such as hanging yoga, aerial yoga, and aerial fitness yoga. It combines aspects of traditional yoga with aerial arts. You can use an aerial hammock to perform poses in the air. This practice can be very beneficial to the mind and body. However, there are some potential risks associated with this practice.

Aerial yoga can make your yoga routine look like an aerial Chinese Martial Arts Superstar. This is a great way to improve your physical endurance and strength, as well as increase confidence and positive outlook.

How do you get started with ‘hanging yoga’? What are the risks and benefits of aerial yoga?

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial fitness, also known as Hanging Yoga, was started in New York by Christopher Harrison, a broadway dancer. Aerial yoga is the same as traditional yoga. You will use a silk hammock instead of a yoga mat. As you go through each cycle, the aerial swing suspends from the ceiling. Because it allows you to move deeper into poses, this type of yoga is done in an aerial hammock.

Although aerial yoga may seem intimidating at first, it is possible to learn the basics in a class that is accessible for everyone. You can learn the basics in a beginner-friendly class.

This type of yoga can be called many things, as we have already mentioned. Aerial yoga is sometimes called ‘anti-gravity’, aerial fitness’ or ‘silk yoga’ by some fitness studios.

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Benefits of aerial yoga

Yoga offers a wide range of health benefits to your mind and body. Recently, we have discussed the many benefits of Yin Yoga. An aerial yoga practice might help with:

  • Tone and strengthen your core
  • Improve your awareness of your breath
  • Encourage the release of mood-boosting endorphins
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • improve your mind-body connection
  • Release tension from your spine, muscles, and joints

Tips for newcomers to aerial fitness

How to start?

First, find the best aerial yoga classes in your area. Because aerial fitness is a specialized course, not every yoga studio offers it. It is possible to arrange affordable private or semi-private lessons at your home or in a studio.

Second, should wear the correct clothing. This is where tighter clothing is best. If you are upside down, loose or baggy clothing can make you feel exposed. Long-sleeved tee shirts are also an excellent option to avoid chafing.

Keep going. It can be difficult to get into aerial fitness at first. You’re doing yoga from the air. Keep at it! To find your groove, you might need to take a few classes.

Third, be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are in a particular shape or have exceptional upper-body strength. You can build endurance and strength over time by taking novice classes.

Finally, be prepared. Be prepared to bring water, an open mind and the ability to trust your trainers.

hanging yoga
aerial swing
aerial hammock
benefits of aerial yoga
aerial fitness
aerial yoga classes

Risks and dangers of aerial yoga

There is a risk of falling while doing aerial yoga. Listen to your body and follow the instructions of your instructor. Don’t push your limits.

Remember: Aerial yoga should be practiced outside of the home only if you are proficient in the rules and equipment. Studio equipment, safety mats, and rigs are all professionally designed. You can also get hands-on identification from licensed and qualified trainers.

Always consult a doctor before you try aerial yoga.

  • are pregnant
  • A heart attack is possible
  • Unregulated blood pressure
  • Having an eye condition such a cataracts or retinal detachedment

To summarize

Aerial fitness can be a great way to reduce stress, build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your mind-body connection. It can boost confidence and increase body positivity, according to many friends. Plus, it’s enjoyable. Aerial yoga has amazing benefits!

Although it presents more dangers than mat-based yoga yoga, aerial yoga can still be safely done. A certified instructor should supervise aerial yoga. You can find aerial yoga classes in your area.

You should also consult a doctor before you attempt aerial yoga if your health is at risk.

Also, you need to contact a health care expert before doing aerial yoga if you’re pregnant or have heart disease, high blood pressure problems, or an eye condition.



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