Chakras and Days of The Week 

chakras and the days of the week
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If you are a long-time reader of Catch a Sleep, you will know how important the chakras are. Also, how it is vital, we open, cleanse and awaken each of the 7 chakras to allow energy to flow and not become blocked. As there are 7 chakras and 7 days of the week, there is an association for each Chakra and a selected day. Following a ‘7 chakras in 7 days’ plan is a great way to ensure your chakras stay activated and unblocked, giving your mind, body and soul balance and health.

This article will explore which Chakra is associated with each day. Also, activities you can do each chakra day and the spiritual colors for days of the week, with ideas on how to use them.

Importance of chakras and days of the week

Understanding the chakras and their associations with the different days of the week is very important. It can benefit the mind, body and soul immensely if you activate and channel additional chakra energy throughout the week. 

It is essential to activate your chakras to ensure they do not become blocked. A blocked chakra can cause health issues with your body and mind. Maybe you feel anxious and stressed, don’t sleep well, and have back pain. These problems are related to your chakras. If you activate your chakras regularly throughout the week, you will see that your body becomes balanced, these health problems start to fade away, and you feel free, content and even enlightened. 

Now let us take a closer look into each Chakra and its associated day, what it means, and what you can do to activate and channel chakra energy into your life. 

Chakra days of the week

  • Day 1: Monday – The Root Chakra 
  • Day 2: Tuesday- The Sacral Chakra
  • Day 3: Wednesday- The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Day 4: Thursday- The Heart Chakra
  • Day 5: Friday- The Throat Chakra
  • Day 6: Saturday-The Third Eye Chakra
  • Day 7: Sunday – The Crown Chakra 
a weekly plan for the chakras
7 Chakras 7 Days Plan

Chakras and Days of The Week – 7 chakras in 7 days

Monday – The Root Chakra 

Grounding, Protection, Saftey

Suggested Activities: 

Connect to the earth and mother nature. The root chakra is perfect for tuning into and returning to your roots. Go outside and take a walk or a forest bath. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. If you cannot get out, do some at-home breathing meditation. Lie on the floor of your home and imagine you are a tree spreading your roots and connecting to the earth. 

Suggested Clothing: Red

Tuesday- The Sacral Chakra

Creative, Pleasure

Suggested Activities: 

The sacral Chakra is the energy centre of creativity and sensuality. Why not try an activity in which you can be creative? Be that writing in a journal, painting a picture, cooking or taking photos. Whatever you feel channels your creativity. Fill your body with this creative energy on this day. 

Suggested Clothing: Orange

Wednesday – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Confidence, Strength, Choice 

Suggested Activities:

The solar plexus is bright and powerful, like the sun. You can channel confident energy into this day. Get up early and energize yourself in the sunrise rays, or why not consider some relaxing light meditation? Lastly, this day is perfect for getting out of your comfort zone and being bold, strong and powerful. 

Suggested Clothing: Yellow

Thursday – The Heart Chakra

Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude 

Suggested Activities:

The heart charka is a day of love, compassion and gratitude—this is the day to give thanks to the people around you. Open your heart and spread gratitude to the people you meet. Additionally, you can meditate with rose-quartz crystals to channel intense heart-opening chakra energy. 

Suggested Clothing: Green 

Friday – the Throat Chakra 

Honesty, Expression, Communication 

Suggested Activities: 

This day is a day of honesty. Honest to the people around you and open to yourself. This is a perfect day for reflection. Hone into your inner self and truly connect to your desires. Also, Friday is the perfect day to practice positive chakra affirmations. Recite your affirmations to the universe and achieve your desires. 

Suggested Clothing: Blue 

Saturday – The Third Eye Chakra 

Spirituality, Enlightenment 

Suggested Activities:

Saturday is the day to connect to your soul. This day is a perfect day to gain knowledge. Pick up a book and learn something new. Additionally, practice mindfulness today. Give yourself 5 minutes to truly feel in the present and consider how you feel mentally and physically. 

Suggested Clothing: Indigo

Sunday – The Crown chakra

Kindness, Divinity, Faith 

Suggested Activities:

On the final day, you have reached the end of the week and gained much insight into your mind, body and soul. Taking this knowledge, choose your favourite form of meditation. It might be while you walk or run. It might be sitting in your favourite place. Trust in yourself. 

Suggested Clothing: Violet Purple 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, we can see that each day has its chakra, which we can activate using activities and color. This will help balance and open your chakras, ensuring your mind, body, and soul are healthy. These activities are just suggestions. Feel free to create activities and rituals associated with your understandings of the chakras.

And comment below with your ideas. I will be so happy to hear them and get inspired for my own ‘7 chakras 7 days’ plan!

Have fun, and stay mindful!



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