20 Heart Chakra Affirmations that Heal and Open

heart chakra affirmations
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A blocked heart chakra could cause you to struggle to accept love and to be open to it. This is not a permanent reality; you can change it using Heart Chakra Affirmations today!

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with your relationship with yourself and your love life. Don’t worry you can shift your mind and energy by embracing heart chakra affirmations.

You can remove any energy blocks in your heart and attract loving and positive experiences to your life by vibrating at this frequency.

I found that affirmations of the heart chakra are powerful tools to remove blocks and allow you to move into a place of love and compassion. Heart chakra healing.

If you want to clear your heart chakra blockage, continue reading to find out my favorite heart mantras and how to use them to open your heart space.

What is the Heart Chakra?

One of the seven primary energy centers, also known as chakras, is your heart chakra. The 4th Chakra, Each energy centers in the body, serve a different purpose and regulate energy flow throughout the body.

The heart chakra is located in the middle of your chest, around your heart space. It is associated with love relationships and love. This energy centre regulates feelings of love and should feel balanced when working well.

Harmony is a state of harmony. Love should flow freely when it is in balance. You will be open to receiving and giving love.

Unfortunately, our life experiences can sometimes cause our chakras to become blocked. When this happens, you won’t feel love balanced.

Negative love experiences, unhealthy relationships, and other factors can cause the heart chakra to become blocked. This can cause further love blocks and problems in your relationships. It is a vicious circle that must be broken.

Before you can do this, however, how can you tell if your heart chakra has been blocked?

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how do you know if your Chakra is Blocked?

It’s essential to understand how to identify and remove a blockage from your heart chakra before you start working on opening it.

This will allow you to identify the emotions and feelings you are working with so you can also determine which practices and affirmations best suit your situation.

If your heart chakra is out-of-balance, you might experience symptoms like:

  • Feeling lonely 
  • Social anxiety or shyness 
  • Self-critical and judgemental of others 
  • Grudges 
  • Feeling incapable of freely giving and receiving. 
  • Insufficient trust in others 
  • Fear of relationships

These are all signs that you might have a blockage in your heart chakra.

How to use Healing 4th Chakra Affirmations

When we suffer from imbalances in our chakras, we can take steps to clear them. This is also true for the heart chakra.

Don’t panic if your heart chakra is blocked. It’s not a death sentence, as I have said before. You can take many steps to open your heart chakra and have a happier love life.

Heart chakra affirmations are one of my favorite ways to clear the blockage. These affirmations help you feel love and heal your heart chakra.

You can use mantras for healing your heart chakra by repeating them loudly or in your headspace every day, as well as during meditation practice.

Using The law of attraction, you can also write affirmations and send powerful vibrations into the universe.

It is important to remember that heart affirmations must be practised, and you should genuinely embody them.

It is not enough to say the words but not feel that they are true. Throughout the entire process, you should try to connect with their energy.

These are my top healing heart affirmations to open your heart.

20 Healing Heart Chakra Affirmations

These 4th chakra affirmations can clear blockages in your heart and open up your heart space.

You might find it helpful to pick one mantra for your heart chakra that resonates with you the most and to stay with it until you move on to the next one.

  1. My heart radiates powerful chakra green light
  2. I am worthy of love
  3. I direct love and positive light towards myself
  4. I live in harmony with everything around me
  5. I don’t hold on to resentment
  6. I forgive my mistakes, and I learn from them
  7. There is an infinite supply of love and joy
  8. I am open to giving and receiving love
  9. I love myself always
  10. My heart is open
  11. Love is my guiding truth, and I follow it every day
  12. I choose to love 
  13. I am at peace with all beings
  14. My heart is unchained from past hurt
  15. It is safe to love and accept love
  16. I am grateful 
  17. I create loving and supportive relationships
  18. I choose to see others in a compassionate light
  19. My heart is full of joy and gratitude for life. 
  20. I wholly and sincerely love and accept myself.

Final Thoughts

Affirmations for heart chakra are powerful tools we can use to heal, love and unblock. Use these 4th chakra affirmations to be the very best you. Let me know your favorite heart affirmations and try and make some of your own!

If you want to learn more about affirmations, Catch a Sleep has a free Ebook, ‘Simple Affirmations’ to download today.



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