Top 5 Meditation Crystals and Focused Meditation Technique

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As a child, I remember going to the Natural History Museum and being fascinated with the beauty and aura of the different crystals and gemstones on display. Today, we will look at these stones in more detail and how we can use them in our meditation practice. 

Michael – catch a Sleep

A modern phenomenon of our age is the use of crystals as a way of helping to heal our mind, body and spirit. Over the past five years, there has been an explosion of books and literature detailing the benefits of different crystals and the effects they can have on us. When combining meditation with crystals, we can attain the help of this gemstone and live a better healthy life. 

However, there is scepticism about the actual benefits of meditation with crystals. There is no denying the benefits of item-focused meditation. Focused meditation (FAM) is a valuable technique people can use in their meditation practice. Promoting the ability to reduce anxiety and attain a calm mind and centering meditation. This meditation practice is excellent for people who find it hard to concentrate their minds by themselves. Having an item, some music, or a sensation, such as running water, allows them to enter a state of meditation more easily. So whatever you believe, we can take something great away from meditation crystals.

Below I will list the top five mediation crystals with their benefits:


  1. Clear Quartz
  2. Amethyst
  3. Rose Quartz
  4. Citrine
  5. Smokey Quartz
  6. Meditation with Crystals: How to do it?
  7. Final Thoughts

Clear Quartz 

This crystal is one of the master healers, as it can store and emit intense positive energy and dispel negative. This meditation stone promotes balance and harmony in all aspects of life, to the mind, body and soul, so it is an excellent crystal to use in meditation for various healing purposes. Also, Clear Quartz gives an abundance of happy energy as a combatant against depression and sadness. Perfect for centering meditation.

Fundamental properties: Balance, Happiness, Harmony 


This crystal is another master healer in the crystal healing family. This gemstone is the crystal of peace, giving healing energy to resolve conflict. Amethyst is a crystal deeply connected to the mind and symbolises the crown chakra. Consequently, this stone has strong spiritual abilities for those looking to take a journey of spiritual change. Also, Its physical health benefits are pain relief. This crystal in meditation is suitable for people suffering from physical pain and looking for complementary pain management strategies. An all-around universal meditation stone.

Fundamental properties: Peace, Spirituality, Pain management 

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is the crystal of the heart. It has a subtle warming pink colour and is considered the chakra heart opening stone. As suggested, this crystal is for all things love and compassion. Additionally, this stone has a gentle, soothing energy that acts against negative energy and helps heal emotional wounds. Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for meditation as it significantly helps to promote a clear mind and brings a meditative state for those who find it hard to focus and achieve a centering meditation practice.

Fundamental properties: Love, Tranquillity, Meditation  


This gemstone is known for its ability to promote positive thoughts and aid in soothing stress and anxiety. Citrine’s golden colour energises the crown and sacral chakras and offers protection to the mind, body and spirit. Consequently, this is a perfect meditation stone as you can use it to promote happiness and give protection against negative thoughts. 

Fundamental properties: Positivity, Protection 

Smokey Quartz 

Another master healer, the smokey quartz crystal, is renowned for releasing negative emotions and promoting a balanced, calm mind. During meditation, this crystal can balance out your feelings. If you feel partly bad-tempered or uncertain of your emotions, this gemstone can help unblock negative energy to achieve a balanced state of emotion. Additionally, this stone also has a grounding quality which can help you overcome the fear of Failure and lets you accomplish a risk-taker mentality. A superhero of meditation stones.

Fundamental properties: Emotional balance, Grounding, Overcoming Failure

Meditation with Crystals: How to do it?

The way I meditate with crystals is quite simple. Any time I meditate, I would find a nice, quite comfortable place where I can lay or sit down. With the meditation crystal, I would hold it in my hand and lay it on my body or head while I meditate. While I deepen my breath and clear my mind, I focus on the gemstone. I will use it as a vocal point to enter a meditative state. I am using my imagination to recall every detail of the crystal, from its shape, colour, temperature and how it feels on my skin. After a while, my mind will focus, and I will continue my practice of meditation as usual. As mentioned above, this meditation method is called Focused meditation (FAM). Use it with any item, sound or sense you wish. You can find more about my morning mindful meditation practice here.

Final thoughts 

Whether you believe in the healing properties of meditation crystals or not, there is no denying that using Focused meditation (FAM) in your practice is beneficial for centering meditation. Especially if you are a newcomer to meditation and finding it hard to focus your mind and enter a meditative state, so in my opinion, I would say give it and try. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of using crystals in meditation. I recommend this meditation crystals selection from ZATNY Deluxe Healing Crystals if you want to give it a go. It has a wide selection of beautiful crystals in a wooden box that you can use in your meditation and is ideal for a newcomer to crystal healing. Finally, If you want to read more about healing crystals, I recommend this great handbook, ‘Healing Crystals: The Therapeutic Powers of Crystals’ by Karen Ryan

Now enjoy some FAM!



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