Chakra Reading – Determine Imbalance of Chakras (Level 1 Reading)



Are you experiencing a spiritual blockage but can’t find the cause?

Let me examine your situation to determine which Chakra is blocked and how it might affect your daily life.

I can offer a level 1 Chakra Reading to help guide and facilitate unblocking of your chakras or a Level 2 Chakra Reading , a more profound reading to help you clear any blocked chakras (see products in-store).

Level 1 Reading: What You Will Recieve

At checkout, you will receive an analysis questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, I will return a detailed Chakra blockage report via email that outlines what Chakra blockage you are currently experiencing and various ways to open and heal your Chakra.

We are offering a sale to all our new readers to grab the reading now and save money!

**All readings returned within 24 hours. I am to produce your report within 3-5 hours.
**I must state that this information should not replace that of a trained professional



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