3 Amazing Tips For Perfect Sleep

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Is sleep ever a problem for you? Have you ever wondered why you wake up restless and more tired than before you went to sleep? Look no further! With guided meditation for sleep.

I have struggled with sleep for years, but I have finally managed to enjoy blissful nights of perfect rest. Here I am going to share with you my three excellent tips for an ideal sleep, and in no time, you will have a perfectly restful sleep. Plus, a helpful calming sleep meditation. So you can sleep and relax!

Problems with sleeping? Three calming tips for excellent sleep with guided sleep meditation.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Your Diet
  2. Your Environment 
  3. Your Mind 
  4. Guided Meditation for Sleep

1. Your Diet

For perfect sleep, you need to look at your diet. Our diet is so important when it comes to sleep; if we eat foods too close to when we sleep or eat foods that don’t agree with our bodies, then rest will be impossible. We must ensure that if we eat something that agrees with our bodies. Additionally, avoid spicy food, coffee or alcohol as this will often disturb and make our bodies irritable before sleeping.

Afterwards, we need to check the time we will be eating our last meal. If possible, we should not eat too close to the time we need to sleep. I try to eat my dinner around 6 pm, so I know by the time I sleep, around 10 pm. The food will not interfere with my sleep, and I also recommend allowing at least 4 hours before finishing your meal and going to bed. Therefore, think about and be mindful of the food and drink that you take before you sleep so that you can sleep and relax.

2. Your Environment

For perfect sleep, we need to examine our environment. Environment plays a huge factor in the quality of sleep we have. I want my bedroom to be simple without clutter and tidy. I want my bed to be comfortable so that my mind can relax. We need to feel like our bedroom is our sanctuary, a place to escape, a place to cocoon away from the world and feel safe. I like to make my bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel. With soft bedding, dimmed lights, neutral colours and scented candles. Imagine your ideal hotel getaway and try to recreate your idyllic retreat at home. 

You can make a checklist of your different senses. This will allow you to analyse and create the perfect environment for a fantastic sleep. You should consider: how does your room feel? What does your room look like? How does your room smell? What can you hear? If you follow this checklist, I think you can create an environment perfect for sleep.

Also, don’t forget to consider your home’s most essential item: the bed. Consequently, you should make sure your mattress and bedding feel comfortable. And you should make sure you change for each season to allow your body to feel comfortable in all temperatures. Plus, don’t forget about the colours of your bedding. I recommend white or neutral colours on the walls and bed to ensure low brain stimulation while you relax and prepare for sleep. 

3. Your Mind

Additionally, an essential element we consistently fail to consider for perfect sleep is our minds. If our minds are too active or stimulated before we sleep, we’ll have real difficulty getting to sleep, so we need to make sure that our thoughts are clear and we’ve dealt with all the issues we’ve had in the day. We must let go of any stress or anxiety and bring positivity into our lives. A great way to clear your mind is through meditation. Practising mindfulness and guided sleep meditation will help you let go of your day, calm your mind and be ready for fantastic sleep and beautiful dreams. Therefore, a simple five-minute guided sleep meditation every day before bed is enough to prepare your mind and body for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. 

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Lastly, I have created the ideal guided meditation for sleep on our Catch a Sleep Youtube channel. This guided meditation will soothe you into blissful sleep and promote beautiful dreams and positive energy you can bring into your day:  

Final Thoughts

Finally, Diet, Food and The Mind are essential components of sleep. Following these three simple steps and adjusting how you approach sleep will aid you in having the best rest of your life. Good sleep is key to success and fulfilment in your other areas of life. Sleep is the door to success and achievement in your life, so let these tips be put into practice today. Sleep and relax! 



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